A3 Modeling, the (un)CPM

Leverage the pure power of Excel.
A3 couples Excel with a powerful backend database for enterprise-class budgeting and forecasting.

Take the natural step forward from spreadsheets.
A3 delivers power and flexibility without the risk or upheaval of conventional CPM.

Get enterprise-class budgeting and forecasting, without the enterprise footprint.

A3 Modeling Platform

Imagine the productivity and freedom of managing enterprise-class budgeting and forecasting in an environment you know. A3 Modeling provides exactly that, in a new Excel paradigm. By coupling Excel with a powerful backend database, A3 reduces the time, frustration and errors in managing data, leaving you with the pure power of Excel. That's why A3 Modeling is...

Faster, Better, Cheaper
With it, financial analysts can engage the entire organization in budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting – all without leaving the Microsoft Excel environment.

Who Uses A3 Modeling

Financial analysts at Fortune 1000s and SMEs in a wide range of industries use A3 Modeling.

T.PriceRowe Verizon Xerox Sun Life Financial William Sonoma Schneider
Honda Plains Capital Bank Global Infrastructure partners Active International Community Health Network of Connecticut, Inc. Group O Rockefeller Group
Troxell American Quarter Horse Association Fox Hilltop Securities Barnhardt Manufacturing Company First United
A3 Modeling, the (un)CPM